Dimensional Control

Our expertise can be used throughout the build strategy commencing at the front end engineering design (FEED), during refurbishments and upgrades of existing plant sometimes only old 2D drawings or original design 3D models exist neither of which accurately reflect any existing as-built structure.

The three dimensional size and shape of structures are checked and controlled by the measurement of cardinal points related back to a common datum.  Data capture is usually by total station on a point by point basis and processed to give 3D as-built co-ordinates and vector errors from design. Reports can be written, tabular, pictorial or CAD generated according to our clients requirements.

During fabrication fit up surveys may be required as a quality assurance check and to assist the fabricator, upon weld completion sub-assemblies are surveyed for final acceptance and analysed to prevent the accumulation of fabrication tolerances. Final closing components such as pipe spools are re-calculated from a dimensional aspect prior to fabrication to ensure all components FIT FIRST TIME. 

Laser Scanning may compliment conventional survey to produce 3D CAD models or where large areas of surface need to be compared against design such as hull forms in shipbuilding and cooling towers in power stations.


  • Shipbuilding
    Control fabrication and assembly of units and blocks to achieve overall dimensional criteria.
    Setting out shaft line and A & P brackets, rudder stock etc.
  • Offshore Structures
    We have twenty five years experience of offshore oil and gas structures, from control of fabrication, installation and modification.
  • Process Plant
    Capture spatial 3D co-ordinates of specific tie in points on pipe and steel work where no CAD model exists or for design verification if a CAD model does exist.
  • Pipe work
    Survey proposed design pipe route, import pipe design and clash detect against as-built pipe corridor, modify pipe spool design to suit including flange rotations and face deviations.
    Ensure closing spools Fit First Time.


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